KİMTEM provides Industrial Cleaning Services, Planned Maintenance Cleaning Services and Ship Hold Cleaning Services by offering fast, economical and reliable solutions compatible with ISO and TSE standards in an environmentally friendly manner with its experienced teams, high-tech cleaning equipments, by working in an environmentally sensitive manner with high occupational health and safety manner and by prioritizing the sensitivities of its valuable Business Partners.

Within the scope of Industrial Cleaning Services; KİMTEM provides factory, workshop, field and equipment cleaning services.

Within the scope of Planned Maintenance ( Posture ) Cleaning Services; KİMTEM provides cleaning services for all equipment such as units with planned maintenance, heat exchangers, tanks, furnaces, indoor cleaning, pressurized water and chemicals cleaning and floor cleaning.

Within the scope of Ship Hold Cleaning Services; As a result of the analyzes made by our authorized personnel, KİMTEM provides reliable, fast and solution-oriented cleaning services by determining which cleaning method and equipment to be used on the surface to be cleaned.