KOCAMAN GLOBAL SHIPPING INC. offers solution partnerships to its customers in petrochemical facility management, port management, land and sea transportation, foreign trade and construction sectors, with its expert staff and machinery technology corresponding modern conditions, without compromising on quality and its principles. Our company considers people and the environment as its most valuable assets in all its activities in order to provide the best service to its customers. By providing a safer and healthier working environment, our Company adopts minimizing all kinds of losses that may occur, preventing environmental pollution and continuously improving Integrated Management System processes as its primary business goal.

As KOCAMAN GLOBAL SHIPPING INC. family, we are committed;

  • To act in accordance with national and international laws and in line with international standards by cooperating with all parts of the society as well as institutions and organizations,
  • To fulfill our legal and compliance obligations and to ensure continuous follow-up,
  • To act with the principle of zero accident and zero occupational disease and to take measures to minimize damages in case of an accident or emergency that may occur during our activities,
  • To create an environment that will increase professional and behavioral competencies and to organize trainings in order to ensure the development of creative and innovative approaches, by ensuring the participation and consultation of our employees and employee representatives and encouraging them to support all processes with new ideas,
  • To ensure that our natural resources are used in the most efficient way knowing that the environment is borrowed from future generations,
  • To ensure the implementation and sustainability of waste management in line with the life cycle perspective,
  • To determine energy saving, prevention of waste of natural resources, reduction of wastes and recycling of wastes to the national economy as the main principle of our company, based on the integration between Technology - Economy - Environment, as a result of appropriate technology selection and use,
  • To fully understand and meet customer requests and expectations at the highest level by analyzing customers' needs and complaints,
  • To act with an Integrated Management System approach that can be monitored, measured and that attaining the objective, in order to continuously improve the performance of our company and to increase efficiency in all processes.
  • To create a sustainable Integrated Management System by improving the Quality, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Environment awareness of all our personnel working in our projects.

Chairman of the Executive Board

Kadir Kocaman